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Image by Tina Witherspoon

Scent testers!
Choose from over 100 fragrance samples.

A great way to try out a new fragrance!


Want to buy candles, wax melts and room sprays but not sure what scent to choose? This is a great way to experience new fragrances in a convenient, affordable way.

'Choose from over 100 different fragrances including a wide range of perfume & cologne fragrances.'

Felt pads are soaked in fragrance and packed in sealed bags allowing you to experience a new fragrance of your choice AND you can use these discs to freshen up your vacuum. Insert a vacuum disc into the empty dust bag or chamber to fragrance the circulating air and release the fragrance as you clean. 

Each disc measures 30mm in diameter and is compatible with most vacuum cleaners. 


** Please note while candles fragrances are restricted to which ones are listed on the website, wax melts can be made in any fragrance of your choice. 


Please click on the products below to choose your fragrance samples

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