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Ingredients & Packaging

"Brighten your world while treading lightly on the planet – because self-care should be as conscious as it is comforting".​

The ingredients used to make our range of candles and wax melts are a blend of soy coconut and rapeseed wax depending on the candles use. These waxes burn cleaner than paraffin waxes, are non toxic and tend to melt more slowly so your candles last for longer.


Wax melts are packaged in either 100% recycled (rPET) plastic or cellophane made from vegetable starch which can be composted. Alternatively, some products are packaged in glassine bags, which are made from a wood pulp, making it 100% paper and fully recyclable. Wax melt glitter is made from vegetable starch, it is also plastic free, cruelty free and plant based.

Gift wrapping ribbon is tencel which is biodegradable, made from wood pulp and labels are made from a paper material, meaning that it completely dissipates along with the adhesive during the recycling process. 

Outer packaging such as boxes are made from recycled cardboard or FSC certified cardboard, packing peanuts are starch-based and not polystyrene which means they're biodegradable and the outer mail bags are biodegradable too.

Vegan Friendly
• Cruelty Free
• Paraben and Silicone Free
• Fragrance oils are IFRA & EU Compliant


Currently we developing a candle refill service to compliment our Luxury Candle Collection so you will able to purchase a refill for your favourite candle scents.


We are continuing to work on making our packaging more eco friendly but it is hopefully enough to give you peace of mind when buying your products from Curdridge Candles. 

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