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Candle Chronicles: The Journey of a Candlepreneur!

Hello, my name is Sharon and I'm the founder of Curdridge Candles.

Sharon Andrews Owner of Curdridge Candles, scented candles soy coconut wax candle luxury fragrance wax melts candle gifts free delivery

Welcome to my blog where I will be sharing some of my candle making journey with you.

A bit of history...

My love of candles began many years ago when I realised some of the positive benefits of how a dancing candle flame can aid relaxation. My real fascination with the power of candlelight as an aid to meditation and mental well-being began after working as a counsellor. It occured to me that candles were more than just 'a bit relaxing' and could be used as a tool to support my mindfulness practice, and sometimes as a refuge for serenity. The soothing glow of candles became an important part of my self-care practice however I noticed that sometimes the candles I purchased would not burn very well and vary in regards to quality of fragrance.

Candle frosted glass

I flirted with the idea of making my own candles. How hard could it be? So I threw myself into candle making and soon realised that it was a lot more to it than melting wax. And after a few more very messy experiments, I gave up as what I had made was far from something I would want to buy! And that was the end of that.

But my journey didn't stop there. Working as a psychotherapeutic counsellor, as part of my continued learning, I delved into the world of neuroscience. And it was through my studies that I came to better understand how candlelight, fragrance and mood are intricately linked. I learned that fragrances have the power to trigger emotions and memories in the brain, offering a unique avenue to support mental well-being.

Research into candlemaking tips

I also realised that many candles on the market were far from eco-friendly, often filled with toxins, and this ignited my desire to offer a non toxic, and more eco friendly alternative. So one pandemic later and after much more detailed learning and research into the art and science of chandlery, I decided to learn to create my own candles and to use fragrance oils that not only smell delightful but also elevate mood, reduce stress, and nurture mental health and well-being.

Loads of candle testing later...

Almost a year of testing different waxes and wicks. I learnt the hard way that different waxes burn differently depending on the wick used, the fragrance used, the fragrance load, colours used and candle vessel shape. Like an obsessed scientist conducting a massive chemistry experiment I have tried hundeds of combinations and still the pursuit of the 'perfect' candle remains ellusive. But what I have created is not perfect, but 'good enough' , something I encourage my counselling clients to aim for.

candle making process for luxury candle collection in Curdridge Southampton

What I love is how this process has allowed me know really learn about what is in the candles and wax melts I produce. I am confident that every candle and wax melt is meticulously crafted with the highest quality ingredients, and I know it sounds cheesy but I really do love making candles and wax melts, whether it be the joy of seeing the golden molten wax being poured into beautiful containers or peeling little fiddily stickers to dress a candle at the end of the batch making process. I can honestly say that 'all my candles are made with love'.

It has not been easy and at times my candlepreneur journey has been filled with more meltdowns than the wax itself, but I persevered. And now, I'm proud to introduce you to my handpoured masterpieces! Ok maybe that's exaggerating, but I love that my candles are not just about melting wax; they're about creating an experience and here's hoping that you will enjoy them too!

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